two failed kiln loads

Full of confidence I have been spending all the relaxing evenings and the odd day/afternoon off making some great mugs, teapots and such. However they are all lost due to two monumental mistakes.

1st kiln load didn’t workout because of a mistake I made in my glaze recipie. The drama of motherhood. I was weighing out the glaze ingridiants that need to be very precies on the gram. When my son woke up from his nap and started crying. The mother in me responded by promptly forgetting everything I was doing and run to my child. Coming backt to the recipie I had no idea where I had left off. ooops. I assumed I had added the Chalk powder (this is used to allow the other ingridiants to melt and flow at a bit lower tempurature makeing it possible to melt glas at 1200degrees). Without this ingridiant the whole load of pottery that I had glazed had a matt feel to them that isn’t very nice for table ware.

This planter however did benifit from the glaze mishap.

2nd kiln load was glazed with properly mesured glaze however for some reason the kiln was not able to reach the desired tempuratuer of 1200 degrees making it so that the glossy looking glaze once again turned into a sticky mat glaze with no flow.

They dodn’t look bad. However I cannot garentie that they are dishwasher safe because the glaze is not properly melted it might have mini cracks in it that can get filled with coffee for instance and continure to contaminate other liquids that are used in it. 

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