Pottery. Exploring clay.

Throwing clay on my potter’s wheel with my bare hands is glorious.

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The Artist

Heather Zuur

Born in 1987 in Canada I imigrated in 2009 to my parents homeland the Netherlands. After living in Amsterdam for three years I moved to Groningen to study. Now I work as a physical education teacher at a highschool in the north of the country and spend time potting on the side. I am married to a frisian man who supports my hobby with his carpentry shelf building skills and his IT website building skills.
I did a introduction pottery course in september 2014. It was something that I’d always wanted to do since I was young. My sisters did a mini potting course when I was little and I remember wishing to join them. At first I didn’t realize that it would become such an adicting hobby. I really enjoy exploring all the posibilities that are part of the pottery and ceramics world.


two failed kiln loads

Full of confidence I have been spending all the relaxing evenings and the odd day/afternoon off making some great mugs, teapots and such. However they are all lost due to two monumental mistakes. 1st kiln load didn’t workout because of a mistake I made in my glaze recipie. The drama of motherhood. I was weighing …

changed my life

This past year has been such a new journey. Experiencing pregnacy and  the birth of our son has been life changing. It has also taken up all those small moments in my days and weeks that i spent on my hobby… pottery. This has made it so pottery is on the back burner. I will …

Inspiratiecafe OSO

Inspirtatiecafe OSO is now serving coffee and tea using Heather Ceramics!!!! This is your chance to use my pottery in your daily life! Try out my handmade cups and teapots in Groningen at Inspiratiecafe OSO! https://inspiratiecafe-oso.nl/   BTW… If you are so inspired by your experiance and want to buy my work please check out …


Heather Ceramics
Groningen, Netherlands